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Dazhong 80th Anniversary

Dazhong Primary 01
Dazhong Primary 01
Dazhong Primary School organised an event for their 80th Anniversary. Uncle Ringo brought along a vast number of attractions which includes games, rides, inflatables, and F&B. This event was opened to the public so everyone is able to enjoy the facilities and activities provided.

With over 20 items in the event, the children and their families could not get enough of them. This one-day event is big enough to be an actual carnival. Uncle Ringo not only provided cute and attractive prizes but educational ones too such as bookmarks and notebooks.

Dazhong Primary School invited Dr. Amy Khor as a speaker, and Uncle Ringo invited none other than Singa the Lion! Spreading kindness around is something we love. Everyone deserves kindness every day! This event was definitely fruitful and wholesome.

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