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FAQ (Mobile)




How do I top-up my credits in the Ringo Pay application?

Simply go to the Top-Up Menu within the application, and top-up using Credit/Debit Cards.

Are there any current ongoing events around?

Please go to our Main Menu right here on the Ringo Pay app. We will show all ongoing and upcoming events there!

Please visit our website at to view any ongoing, upcoming and past events.

What time does a carnival start?

The time varies from time to time depending on day and occasion. A normal carnival time starts at around 6pm and ends at around 10pm. During the weekends and public holidays, we may start earlier at 5pm.

Are your games and rides safe?

Yes! All of our rides are licensed and reviewed at a constant basis. We will also have trained operators handling the games to ensure everyone has a good and hazard-free experience. Other than inherent risks, we assure you that all our attractions are safe and fun!

How do we pay for the attractions?

While using the Ringo Pay app, you gain easy access to pay for the attractions. Simply top-up Tokens into your account, and pay using either e-Tickets exchange or QR Scan (similar to Uncle Ringo Card).

How do we get notified on upcoming events?

While having the Ringo Pay app, you will receive updates and notifications of our upcoming events. You may also sign in to check for all current and upcoming events that will be displayed in the Main Menu.

Other than our app, there are various other ways! The first and the most detailed place where you can get the latest news, is via our website at In addition, you may consider subscribing to our newsletter to get notified on special events and promotions. Don’t forget to follow and like our Facebook and Instagram pages!



Can I refund money back from the Ringo Pay app if I have some leftover?

No, our Tokens are not refundable to cash once purchased. However, do not worry as our Tokens do not have expiry dates. We will definitely be going around to bring joy and fun! Do stay tuned!

However, in our Ringo Pay app, if you have pre-purchased e-Tickets for the attractions, you may refund it back to Bonus Tokens at any time before using it.

Can we pay the operators directly to participate in the attractions?

No, direct payment to operators is a serious offense and we will refer the case to the police.

What if there are conflicts between me and the staff?

In any Uncle Ringo events, we try our best to prevent conflicts. However, should there be any, kindly refer the issue to our Shift Supervisor (wearing black or white Uncle Ringo shirt), and he or she will aid you in solving the issue in the best way possible.

Does Uncle Ringo only appear together with night markets?

No! Besides partnering night markets, Uncle Ringo does host our events and carnivals individually, or with other partners! Do not miss out on them! Don’t forget to check out our website or social media to find out more.

How do I use the Tokens I bought to exchange for an attraction?

Currently, we have 2 ways of using the Tokens to exchange for an attraction. The first way is via QR Code. Simply scan the QR Code in the respective attraction with the guidance of the operator, and the Tokens will be automatically deducted. You may also view all the available rides in the carnival within the application, and purchase the attraction’s voucher using your Token. Simply show and allow the operator to swipe off the voucher for you to proceed on with the attraction.

What do we do if we want to rent an item from Uncle Ringo?

Simply go to our website, under Catalogue, you will find all the available items that we are currently renting out. To get more information or to rent, do send us a web form at the Engage Us page.